Photos Submission Process

What to Enter

Each applicant shall submit a maximum of 5 photos. Each Photo File Name must include (each item separated by a comma):

  • Applicant’s Last Name,
  • Photo Title,
  • City, State, Country – location refers to where the photo was taken.

Photo Title can be “Untitled”. Photos submitted with a different File Name format will not be accepted.

To ensure eligibility for the contest, entries must be in digital format, meeting these requirements: color space sRGB, longest side of image 1500 pixels, resolution of 72 ppi, JPEG format. No print submissions will be accepted. Images that do not meet this standard will not be accepted.

Entries may originate in any format—including, but not limited to, digital files, digital prints, color transparencies, color prints, or black and white prints—so long as they are submitted electronically.

After selection of the Winners, Winners will be asked to send Winning Photos in a high-resolution format by email within 48 hours from Winners announcement.

How to Enter

All photos (5 maximum) of an individual applicant must be submitted at once in only one email. The email must be sent by 5:00 pm on May 20, 2011 to PhotoContest2011@greenerevanston.org , no other submission methods will be accepted.

Each applicant must print, fill out all fields and sign the Application Form downloadable in the “Application Form and Fee” section.  Then the Application Form must be scanned and sent in the same email the applicant uses to submit his/her photos to PhotoContest2011@greenerevanston.org .

An application fee of $15 USD is due from each applicant, regardless of the number of photos submitted. See the Application Form and Fee section for payment options and deadlines.


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